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A little bit about us :

MPS was founded with the belief that paranormal research should be conducted in a professional and organized manner while giving every consideration to the clients we serve. MPS uses only scientific equipment and proven investigative techniques to perform our in depth investigations. We will work closely with our prospective clients and guide them through the entire process all while focusing on minimizing any intrusions to you or your home. We use only investigators who are mature, professional, dedicated, caring, and totally committed to helping our clients. All of our investigators are screened very carefully and only after we are satisfied, they may be used on investigations. All members of MPS are required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement at the start of their membership.

Members of M.P.S.
David Caltrider, II - Director/Founder 

  Dave was born and raised in Manchester Md. He works at "THE FAMILY BUSINESS"  He is married with two wonderful daughters. He has been into the paranormal since the age of 5 when he would play with his ghost of a cousin (she had passed away before he was born). He enjoys spending time with his family as well as hunting the paranormal.
Dawn Caltrider - Co-Founder/Historian

This is David's wife and high school sweetheart!!! Dawn is a CNA at a local Hospice facility. She loves her job with MPS as Historian, because of her love for history.  

Alyson Caltrider - Jr Investigator

  Alyson is David's daughter she is into the paranormal. She helps with fundraisers and marketing for now,but looks forward to getting out and investigating. 
Jason Riddle - Assistant Director/Co-founder 

Jason has been a mechanic for UPS since 1998 and is happily married and has one child. My wife and I for the past couple years have become more and more interested in the paranormal. I am really interested in the tech side of investigating and enjoy researching and investigating with my wife. I hope my son will join us when he gets older.





April Riddle - CoFounder/Secretary/Investigator 

  This is Jason's wife and investigation partner. She a veterinarian assistant and brings information to the team when animals are involved. She is very interested in finding answers into what lies on the other side. She also helps with the day to day business of MPS as the Secretary.   
Mike Donald - Investigator/Tech Manager
Mike has been a mechanic since 1998 he now works for Ryder Transportation since 2013. He has had a long time interest in the paranormal but only recently has followed through with his interest.   
Jessica Shutt - Investigator/Treasurer
  I have been a recovery room nurse for approximately 8 years. I have always been interested in the paranormal, but am just now getting into pursuing my interest. I am so excited to be a member of an incredible team, and I look forward to every investigation!

Katie Long - Investigator In-training


                                    Theresa Haltiner - Investigator/Case Manager 

I work with Developmentally Disabled individuals. I have always had an interest in the paramormal. I have done investigations with other people but its nice to be part of a team. I am dedicated to helping people & this is another way I can committ myself to helping others. My style is to always be professional & discrete while maintaining a light-hearted & caring atmosphere. 

Kent Heim - Lead Investigator York/Lancaster Branch

I started my journey into paranormal research in 2010. Since my own experiences as a little boy I have been searching for answers, in books, TV, and the Internet, to what happened to me. I remember how scared I was and had no one to give me any reasonable explanation for what was going on and that lead me to find my own answers later on in life to help others. My approach to paranormal research is a 3 step process. Compassion and understanding, scientific and spiritual, followed with a healthy dose of skepticism. My goal is to not only to find answers for myself but to also help others live comfortably with the events that are surrounding them. In addition to investigating I continue to read books, essay's, and articles from the top researches in the field of unexplained/paranormal and use a combination of new and time tested equipment to aid me to help myself and others.

Melissa Heim - Investigator York/Lancaster Branch

My Journey into the paranormal field started in 2010. I had a few experiences when I was young but always just played it off as "that was weird" or just pretended it was a ghost and I had control. Now that I'm older I'm very interested in the spirit world because I've lost a lot of close family members and I think it just helps me feel closer to them. I'm always reading books about the spiritual world to gain as much knowledge as possible, also I'm a certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. I love helping other people that are having problems in their home feel more in control. I feel my role on the team is to listen to their stories and be compassionate about what there going through and help guide them in how to deal with the spirits. 

Lori Miller Weiler- Investigator York/Lancaster Branch

My interest in the paranormal started in my mid thirties, and escalated when the paranormal was made more public. I believe in the after life and some spirits do remain here. My mission is to feed my curiosity, and to help those who are being tormented by strange events that they can not explain. I am a mother of one child (Tasha), and a grandmother of two wonderful kids. I also have a true passion for cats!

Tasha Miller Espenshade- Investigator In-Training  York/Lancaster Branch

Tasha was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA. She is a mother of two and works in loan operations for a credit union. Her interest in the paranormal started at an early age when she started experiencing strange events. Over the years, Tasha knew she was gifted but couldn't explain how. She has since discovered her ability to be empathic and intuitive. She intends to use these gifts to assist the MPS team in helping those in need of answers. 

Jen Zeplin - Psychic-Medium 

How does one describe being a psychic medium? Well the answer is you can't put it into words. I have been blessed with an extraordinary gift to help those in need. When you are able to help those that can't communicate with their loved ones, it allows for peace and being able to move on. I truly believe my gift is my true lifes purpose.

Thanks to my soul sister Brenda I met my wonderful husband and we celebrate 24 years of being together this year. I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren and live in Lancaster.

Brenda and I own a Metaphysical business called Lancaster Sage and Crystal. Everything I do is related to the paranormal I love this part of me. I am so excited to be part of MPS. The integrity and compassion this team exudes is what drew me to them.

I look forward to many investigations with my family at MPS!

Brenda Morrison Investigator In-Training York/Lancaster Branch

I am the mother of 2 lovely daughters and 1 grandchild.  My husband and I will be married 31 years this year. We have 2 dogs, 3 cats and 3 birds. I love my zoo family. I am a deli manager at Giant Foods and have worked there forever. That is where I met my best friend and Soul Sister Jen ;who is now my sister-in-law. She and I do everything together and that includes anything paranormal. I love investigating the past and I believe in the unbelivable. Being able to help others has always been what I do. Being a part of this team will be an honor.

These are our Future JR Investigators   Ethan and Erin

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